I am Jacoby.


I have lived 21 years.  I have spent all of those attending church. Yet I have only just begun following Jesus Christ. I have found a few things to be true in my life. Jesus is Lord, the Holy Spirit changes the hearts of believers, and there is a form of godliness that denies its power- and it looks very much like justification by works, doctrinal correctness over character reformation, as well as “selfish ambition and bitter jealousies” instead of heavenly wisdom.  I have found that attending a worship service is very different from pursuing an obedient and deep relationship with the Lord. It costs more- but after you have begun, it is, as Paul said, regarded as nothing in comparison to knowing Jesus.


I am a fourth generation christian, blessed to be part of a family that God continues to redeem and grow. My family’s faith started with a seeking daughter teaching the gospel to her broken father and subsequently converted a whole family of 14 brothers and sisters.

My Papaw, son of said man, lead my 2 uncles and father into a life of discipline and reverence for the Lord that has lead all 3 of them to pursue deeper roots in Christ and carry the faith forward into their own homes. He is the minister and an elder at a small urban church.

My Father, my marvelous Papa was drawn into God’s grace the same way I was- Jesus is forgiving and persistent. His natural joy has made it pretty easy to believe that I have a loving Papa in heaven, and that He smiles a lot too.

He married my mom at a conservative christian college in florida.

My mom has the biggest heart that has ever existed inside a human. Her empathy is deep and sincere, and it makes me know that God is grieved with brokenness. Her kind giving spirit has influenced the way I love people, and both of my parents’ humility and patience have shaped the way I speak to other people.


I have born into this movement, called the restoration movement. I was born on about the furthermost conservative position of that movement that exists today, and have settled into a more neutral position as I’ve started my walk.

I cherish my spiritual heritage, the sincerity of the brethren who desired to see God’s church united, and free from the bondage of man’s tendency to forsake or twist God’s words. Over the past century, there have been teachers who have really altered what we’re about- and it grieves me. We’ve slipped the tracks into hardcore legalism and a distilling of our relationship with Christ to what God expects from us on Sunday morning (sunday night, and wednesday night), how we will attain heaven, and what we “aren’t allowed” to do.

I just want to follow Jesus Christ.


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